Future of Postings for Colleges of Education Graduates

The past weeks have been tough for 2018 Trained Teachers who were posted by the Ghana Education Service in December 2019 as they have been struggling to cope in this COVID – 19 era with empty bank accounts and probably surviving from “hand to mouth” as Ghanaian hip-life artiste Sarkodie will say. However, the prompt effort by officials at the Ministry of Finance and the Ghana Education Service together with some Teacher Unions in getting their Biometric Registration exercise done, must be applauded though it’s long overdue. The big thing they are all looking forward to now is receiving all their arrears due them.

Per our checks, the Ministry of Finance budgeted for their salaries so it is clear their arrears will be paid them by May ending after the necessary irregularities are addressed.

This article, however, concentrates on addressing issues of forthcoming postings thus postings of 2019 Trained Teachers currently undertaking their mandatory National Service and the backlog of 2016, 2017 and 2018 Trained Teachers who could not get their postings in the past due to some anomalies on their part or on the part of officials in charge of their postings.

Unposted 2016, 2017 & 2018 Trained Teachers

It is very pathetic and heartbreaking sometimes hearing the affected trained teachers from these year groups crying for their postings. Yes, it may be true that they could not get postings with their colleagues in the respective years due to some irregularities on their part but it is obviously clear that majority of them have addressed such irregularities and are now in good standing to receive their postings. There are about 3000 in this situation. Who fights for them?

Kudos to past Executives of TTAG leading the course on electronic media platforms to get them posted. But how far will their cry of these unposted young teachers go? How formal are the concerns of these past Executives in the sight of officials at the Ghana Education Service?

Most of the Teacher Unions are playing a key role in getting the affected teachers posted. The big question though is, how successful will this be? If the unfortunate should happen that they do not get posted this year, will there be any hope for them after election 2020? Let us all think deeply over this.

We suggest that, as a matter of urgency, the leadership of TTAG should collate the details of all affected persons from 2016, 2017 and 2018 and present to their mother unions (GNAT, CCT & NAGRAT) to aid them lead the “fight” in getting the affected teachers posted. It is our belief that this will be the greatest effort of the current leadership of TTAG in assisting our fellow brothers and sisters in this situation. TTAG must not relent, they must push hard for this.

Postings of 2019 Trained Teachers by GES / MoE

In the next few months, the 2019 Trained Teachers currently undertaking their mandatory National Service are expected to officially end it though the service period has been marred with the nouveau coronavirus pandemic. It will forever be a historic moment in their lives that during their National Service period, such a pandemic had befallen the world.

While the country battles the COVID – 19, we respectfully appeal to authorities to continue  planning towards the postings of this batch of trainees.

For sure, there is going to be a huge burden on government in the coming months due to COVID – 19. But one may want to know the arrangements being put in place to awaken our leaders to plan ahead in order to avert any unforeseen casualties to our brothers and sisters who cannot wait to get posted by GES after their National Service.

The Ministry of Finance will definitely be preparing their Budget for 2021 by now. Is financial clearance for the 2019 Trained Teachers and backlog of other year groups being factored in?

Are we going to wait till it is late before taking steps?

Once again, we humbly advise the leadership of TTAG to engage the leadership of their mother Teacher Unions to guide them in addressing these concerns before it dawns late.  

Written by;

Mr. King Ali Awudu

CCT National President, and

Mr. Larry K. Agbador

Member, CoEWJ Editorial Board.

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