ARTICLE: Issah Toha Shamsoo (TTAG National Coordinator Hopeful): What I Stand For

This is a brief article I have written to communicate in clear terms what I stand for and what gives me the passion, zeal and vigor to aspire to be the next National Coordinator of Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) during our upcoming 25th Annual Delegates Congress.

To touch on what I stand for and what I bring to the table; it is important I give foremost attention to the following questions I have been asked on several platforms.

Question: Why are you contesting again after serving as the National General Secretary of the Association?

Response: I am contesting because I always put teacher trainees first. I have gained valuable experience and exposure which are very necessary for the success of the next administration and by extension the success of TTAG. Having served in such a key role, it places me ahead of my contenders because the network and experience matters a lot in coordinating, protecting and upholding our constitution and ensuring discipline at the National Secretariat.

Question: What do you have to offer to TTAG when you finally get elected?

Response: I am bringing to bear the culminated experience, network and exposure I have gained through service with integrity and humility. Choosing me as the next National Coordinator will make stakeholders familiarization tours, making enquires and other administrative work easy, efficient and prompt because I have served at the National Secretariat before and I have whatever it takes to make it happen. I have an established relationship with our stakeholders; a unique feature of my candidature and remains uncontestable by any of my opponent.

Dear delegates of TTAG, this year’s election is not just an ordinary election. It has the power to change the destiny of our Association for good. From one without a National Secretariat Office to one with an office in less than six months into our administration. From one whose constitution is under protracted review for many years to a one with a new promulgated constitution by next General Assembly organised by the next administration of which I will be the National Coordinator, if God wills.

Yes, this election can bring significant amount of change into TTAG including ensuring that we have a workable website within three months of our Administration something we have not been able to do within our twenty-five (25) years of existence. Similarly, this election can transform the face of TTAG and uplift it to the admiration of our members, forebears, ex-officials, and the general public.

However, I must state emphatically clear, that all the above mentioned policies and interventions can only be made possible and feasible if we all join hands to elect competent, experienced, tried and tested leaders whilst disregarding favouritism, sectoralism, inducement or whatever that divides us than unite us.

Let’s make this happen!! Our Association deserve a leadership of the people. A leadership that will give a face uplift to the Association. A leadership that will prioritize the welfare of teacher trainees against any personal or parochial interest.

Lastly, this positive change can be possible with your vote, support and prayers.

Let us not fail the masses!!

Vote Issah Toha Shamsoo as the next National Coordinator of TTAG!

Written by;

Issah Toha Shamsoo

(TTAG National Coordinator Hopeful)


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