TTAG National Leadership at a crossroad

The National Leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana is currently at a crossroad with the turn of events arising from the 25th Annual Delegates Congress which was scheduled to take place at St. Ambrose College of Education, Dormaa Akwamu from 19th – 21st November, 2020.


According to sources, the General Secretary of the Association, Master Issah Toaha received a call from someone who identified himself as a Police Commander from the IGP’s Office and said he was calling about a letter TTAG had written to the Police to seek protection and advise. The Police officer then informed the General Secretary that the time was not appropriate for TTAG to have their Congress and that they will be unable to provide security. However, the General Secretary told the caller that he has no knowledge of the letter he [Policy] is referring to and that he was unaware of any such letter written to the IGP.

Mr. Issah is said to have indicated to the Police officer that the advice could not be carried out because Congress had already begun.

Some National Officers of TTAG were said to have arrived some few days later in Sunyani in preparedness for National Congress with the news that police had surrounded St. Ambrose College of Education in Dormaa Akwamu where the ASHBA Sector were hosting their Sector Congress.

Checks by the News Desk of the Colleges of Education Weekly Journal reveal that the General Secretary requested from the Police to send the supposed letter from TTAG to him to verify its authenticity but to avail. The General Secretary was suspicious of his signature on the letter and the originality of the letterhead. He drew the attention of the Police to these but they [Policy] was adamant and instituted that they were still going to act on that disputed letter and hence, TTAG cannot go ahead with its planned National Congress.

Release from TTAG

A statement released on 20th November, 2020, and endorsed by 20 members of the National Executive Council of TTAG informed the general public about the removal of the President of TTAG, Mr. Augustine Appiah from Office.

Below is a copy of the statement:

We wish to use this medium to inform all teacher trainees, stakeholders, and the general public of the decision of the National Executive Council (NEC), which is the third powerful organ of the association to immediately remove from office the President of the Association Master Augustine Appiah who has acted in clear contravention of the Association’s Constitution as stated in Chapter Six, Article 28 Clause 2 which states; “For the purpose of section 1 supra stated reasons shall be: a. Acting contrary to the spirit and letter of the constitution. b. Acting in a manner as would bring discredit to the TTAG or brings its name into disrepute, ridicule, or contempt. c. Acting in any way contrary to the interest of TTAG as shall be determined by congress. d. Acting in violation of the oath of offices as set out in schedule 1.”

The impeached president has acted in many ways contrary to the association’s constitution including the following:

  1. Solely issued out important letters to stakeholders without the attention of the National Secretariat and National Executive Council (NEC).
  2. Allegedly forging the National Secretary’s signature and the letterhead of the association to write a letter to the Police without the consent of the National Secretariat. The content of that letter sought to prevent congress from taking place as against the decision of the National Executive Council (NEC).
  3. Misled some guests for the 25th Annual Delegates Congress which was scheduled for 18th – 21st, November, 2020 at St. Ambrose College of Education that the program has been postponed without the knowledge of the National Executive Council (NEC).
  4. Demonstrated lackadaisical attitude towards congress and election in an attempt to overstay in power which is in clear violation of the association’s constitution.
  5. Shown utmost disrespect to members of the National Executive Council (NEC) and indeed all teacher trainees nationwide. It must be noted that his actions left teacher trainees (delegates) who were attending the 25th Annual Delegates Congress stranded in the Bono Region for about 48 hours.

Due to his actions and inactions, the working relationship between TTAG and our stakeholders has been marred. Consequently, the association has been subjected to public ridicule.

The National Executive Council (NEC) is clothed with the powers to remove an officer of the association from office in Chapter Six Article 28 Clause 3 which states; “Notwithstanding the provisions in 1 and 2 supra. Where the General Assembly or NEC determines that an officer has acted in contravention to the constitution or has become a serious liability to the association the General Assembly or NEC shall have power to suspend or remove such an officer from office by 2/3 majority of members present and voting.”

This decision was affirmed by the highest decision making body of the association (Congress) with 209 delegates voting for the removal of the president and one (1) delegate voting against his removal. As a result, the current vice president master Albert Dunoo steps in as the acting president of the association until congress is held for a substantive president to be elected.

The National Executive Council (NEC) having satisfied all the constitutional requirements wish to therefore inform all teacher trainees, stakeholders and the general public that Master Augustine Appiah ceases henceforth to be the president of the Association.

Response from Master Augustine Appiah

In a related development, Lawyer for Master Augustine Appiah on Monday, November 23, 2020, filed a Motion of Notice at the Kumasi High Court praying for the Honourable Court for an Order of Judicial Review in the nature of Certioriri and Prohibition directed against the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana on their decision to impeach him.

The first hearing of the case is expected to take place on Wednesday, 2nd December, 2020 at 9 am.

The News Desk is reliably informed that the National Executive Council of the Association is doing its best to resolve all issues relating to this matter.

Source: News Desk, Colleges of Education Weekly Journal


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