Panting, screaming, and running speedily I headed towards the thick forest.

I was moving to and fro beside a river when I heard the sound of footsteps moving closer towards me. I thought I was alone. There was a bridge across the river that led to a thicker bush. From where I stood, my eyes could not see beyond the giant trees in the bush. I was standing inside a well-watered garden with flowers and trees everywhere. Three paths were identifiable; on my right, left, and at my back. The one on my right was a bit far from the river and seems to move on and on and brown leaves were scattered on it. It was a rocky path. The path on my left was just on the banks of the river. It sloped sharply down the river. The path behind me was a narrow one that led into the garden endlessly.

As the sound of footsteps got closer I wondered which path to take since I could not determine exactly where the person was coming from; they were too many and they unknown to me. A sense of loneliness gripped me in my dilemma. Goose pimples covered me as the breeze blew. The footsteps drew closer and my agitation grew intensely. I looked down the long path ahead. The scattered leaves indicated that it had not been used for a long time now and I wondered where it led to. Should I dare to take it; not knowing where it would lead me? I thought to myself. I considered crossing the bridge and running into the thick forest. Who can tell what fierce animals were waiting to pounce on me behind the thick tall trees? What about the sloppy path on the banks of the river? That was too dangerous, what if I slipped and fell into the river? The endless path at my back seemed quite a familiar one. Fresh footsteps could be seen on it, but that could be where the person was approaching me from. Fear engulfed me as I thought of using each path. Pacing up and down I knew I had to select one of the paths and hope that it would be the correct path. I started to climb onto the bridge, I stopped in the middle, run back to the sloppy path, and then I run back again to the endless path and then finally back to the bridge where I believed was safer than all the others.

Screaming for help I quickly crossed the bridge and run into the forest and hid at the back of a large tree not venturing into the thick dark forest. As I hid there trembling these were my thoughts;

“What just happened to me is comparable to my everyday life within which I have to decide or choose. Life is full of twists and turns, so many decisions to make, so many choices to make. The undoing and doing of man all wrapped up in – the selection of these decisions and choices. Today’s decision having such a great bearing on tomorrow’s life. Each choice/decision may or may not lead to one’s expectations. Even after careful thought and planning, wrong paths are sometimes chosen bringing with it sorrow, pain, fear, and despair. Amid these paths/decisions/choices is a way that shines bright and brighter and its end is sure and certain. But few are those that find it; but to those who find it, they rule as Kings and Queens in the center of confusion, hopelessness, fighting, wars, economic crunches, and other unthinkable negative situations. I had fought continuously not to walk on this path where some friends had decided to walk and I wondered whether I had not made a mistake by turning away from it.”

My thoughts came to an abrupt end when I realized that I could not hear the footsteps again and peeping through the trees I saw no one. I walked cautiously and stood beside the river again and then I heard the echo of the gushing of the rivers making it seem like a flood was heading my way. Then it dawned on me that the footsteps I heard were but the echo of my footsteps when I was moving to and fro beside the river. I had run from myself. What a pity? Then I knew that the life of fear, uncertainty, and insecurity would have to end. Then I heard someone calling me from the distance. Esi! Esi! In fright, I rushed down the sloppy path and as I slipped, I shouted for help.

“Esi! You are dreaming. Wake up.” It was the voice of my younger sister. I woke up, asked my sister to sleep, picked up her Bible beside her, and held it to my chest then I knew that it was time to choose the Christian path where Jesus will lead me through the journeys of this life.

By: Mrs. Cecilia Boakye Botwe

College Secretary, APWCE


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