Mr. Prince Obeng-Himah and others reelected as CETAG National Executives.

Newly elected CETAG Executives

The Colleges of Education Teachers Association of Ghana (CETAG) successfully held its second extraordinary National Delegates’ Conference from 25th – 26th, March 2021. The Conference was held under the theme “Delivering the New Educational Reforms for Accelerated National Development: the role of CETAG”.

Delegates included two members from each College in addition to all the seven National Executive Officers.

A section of Delegates at the conference

Issues discussed at the Conference were the Amendment of CETAG Constitution to reflect current trends, negotiate with government for equal remuneration for CETAG members as compared to analogous tertiary institutions to curtail the situation whereby many teachers in the Colleges are leaving to join mainstream University system as lecturers. Other matters such as tackling issues of promotion and appointment to higher grades for CETAG members, making CETAG visible at all Local Levels by getting office accommodation for LOCAL Branches were deliberated on.

The election of new National Officers was supervised by a six-member Elections Committee chaired by Mr. Mensah Dominic.

At the end of the polls, Mr. Prince Obeng-Himah and other National Officers were reelected to serve another 3-year term.

Below are the results of the polls:

1. President           – Mr. Prince Obeng-Himah (Atebubu College of Education)

2. Vice President – Mr. Newton-John Kumi (St. Teresa’s College of Education)  

3. Secretary         – Mr. Nathan Ohene-Gyang (Akrokerri College of Education)

4. Deputy Secretary – Mr. Thomas Ampomah (St. Monica’s College of Education)

5. Financial Secretary – Mr. Herrnahrt Galeaphe Komla Bani (Abetifi College of Education)

6. Treasurer – Mr. Emmanuel Issah Azuuga (Gbewaa College of Education)

7. Trustee – Mr. Maxwell Bunu (Ada College of Education)

Addressing delegates at the extraordinary Conference, Mr. Prince Obeng-Himah in his Manisfesto stated that “CETAG finds itself in a critical situation where we should all rally behind Leadership to give the current agenda on the table one big push to land us all in glory. One side of the agenda is realistic allowances for the tutor. The Conditions of Service Committee established by my Administration has produced a phenomenal allowance proposal touted as one of the best in the country which content has gone through preliminary discussion stage at the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission. My desire is to lead a motivated team to start negotiation for these allowances that are comparable to what teachers in other analogous tertiary institutions are paid as soon as possible. And I promise to give it the same tactical approach I used in the execution of the Book and Research Allowances and the Market Premium projects”.

He further added that “my steps and actions continue to be guided by Martin Luther King Jr’s, assertion thus: ‘Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…Every step towards the goal of progress requires sacrifice, and passionate concern of dedicated individuals’. CETAG requires the passionate concern and sacrifice of you and I to protect provisions of our Harmonised Statutes and guard against arbitrariness in appointing Principals and other key management officers for colleges of education. Regrettably, in recent times there have been upsurge of College Councils and their Managements totally disregarding dictates of the Harmonised Statutes for the colleges of education in appointing Principals and other key officers for the colleges they superintend. These are public officers who rode on the back of the same Harmonised Statutes to power through appointment.  Ironically, they set aside provisions of the same Statutes in the exercise of their power to appoint officers for the colleges. This is completely unacceptable because it undermines the collective tertiary existence of colleges of education. In my final term of office, I will lead CETAG to fight against this injustice, if it requires going to the Supreme Court, BNI or EOCO to stop this trend. Together, we will ensure that internally for instance, appointment of Heads of Departments, teaching staff representatives on Governing Councils etc all conform to provisions of the Statutes. As gate-keepers for teaching and learning in the colleges of education, CETAG cannot glorify these manipulations. The era of these manipulations should end now or never. I will lead this redemption crusade with the same energy and passion with which I have executed pervious projects”.

The newly elected National Officers of the Association are expected to be sworn-into office in June 2021 to begin their 3-year term.

Source: News Desk, Colleges of Education Weekly Journal.


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