Agona SDA College of Education holds Sabbath talk for its Students

Dr. Atta Poku Snr.

As our world ages on, our generation has traveled deep to its deepest moment of sexual immorality. Given the prevalence of premarital sex and homosexuality these days, the Chaplin of Seventh-Day Adventist College of Education, Agona-Ashanti, Pastor Kwame Brefo Emanuel organized a Sabbath afternoon talk on Saturday, March 20, 2021 which was led by Elder Dr. Patrick Atta Poku Snr. dubbed, “Sex Obsessed Generation.”

The general theme of the presentation was abuse of sex by today’s world. It was disclosed that homosexuality has stayed long with us as far back as the days of Noah and Lot. Upon many recounts of cases of homosexuality, Dr. Atta Poku Snr. advised student teachers not to see homosexuality as a thing of the foreign world because it is at this moment rampant in our societies, Senior High Schools, Colleges, and other campuses of higher learning.

Students were not only cautioned to be vigilant as they pursue life but also entreated to desist from any act of immorality. He stressed that homosexuality is sponsored by some of the big men and women of our time who will go any length or extent to captivate young people with worldly things.

In the end, he entreated the student teachers to become ambassadors of Christ, and not to indulge in any acts of ungodliness.

Source: Agona SDA CoE Press


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