“Colleges Need To Work More With Their Mentoring Universities While Maintaining Their Autonomy Status” – Prof. Jonathan Fletcher

“Colleges Need To Work More With Their Mentoring Universities While Maintaining Their Autonomy Status” – Prof. Jonathan Fletcher

Prof. Jonathan Fletcher, Dean of the School of Education and Leadership at the University of Ghana and Key Advisor – Teaching and Learning Partnerships, T-TEL has indicated that Colleges need to work more with their mentoring universities while maintaining their autonomy status. Prof. Fletcher made these remarks while taking his turn on the Personality Profile segment of the Colleges of Education Weekly Journal.

When asked how he thinks Principals of Colleges of Education can sustain and implement the training T-TEL has given to them over the years, Prof. Fletcher stated that “Colleges of Education Principals are working with the various mentoring Universities to implement the new Bachelor of Education curriculum. I think the more Colleges work with Universities while maintaining their autonomy status, the more likely Principals of College of Education can sustain the contributions they are making in their institutions. Sharing the load with their mentoring Universities will help in this direction”.

Speaking on the future of Colleges of Education after their mentoring period with the five (5) affiliate universities,Prof. Fletcher noted that “I expect Colleges of Education to keep their unique characteristics that focus on and support teacher education. Colleges of Education should remain teacher education centers when they become part of their mentoring universities with the Principals becoming heads perhaps with a new designation within the university system”.

Highlighting some major contributions T-TEL has offered to Ghana’s educational sector, Prof. Fletcher indicated that T-TEL was mandated to work with the National Council for Tertiary Education (now Ghana Tertiary Education Committee) and all public Colleges of Education to improve the quality of pre-service teacher education. T-TEL has worked well with Colleges of Education and their mentoring Universities to create positive learning environments that support teaching and learning at the Colleges.

He further added that “T-TEL has involved partner schools and mentors directly in the training of teachers in the Colleges and this has helped student teachers to have more insights into the basic school system. This will make it a lot easier for them to hit the ground running when they complete their programme”.

“Also embedded in the T-TEL programme is a support model that is used to reach over 1800 Colleges of Education Tutors through weekly professional development sessions. These sessions have created a very good culture of peer interaction in Colleges of Education which has enhanced collaboration among staff and improved learning outcomes in the Colleges” Prof. Fletcher stated.

Read the full interaction in the Personality Profile segment of this week’s Journal.

Source: News Desk, Colleges of Education Weekly Journal.


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