Rev. Fr. George Kyeremeh writes…

Dearly beloved ones,

We thank God for yet another month of May which is a gracious time to pray the Rosary.

The Rosary is made up two things: mental prayer and vocal prayer. We meditate on the life of our Lord Jesus Christ from His annunciation (birth) to His ascension into heaven. We meditate on every aspect of Christ’s life in-between annunciation and ascension and this is what we call mysteries. We now have four mysteries for our reflections:

1. The Joyful Mysteries 

2. The Luminous (Light) Mysteries

3. The Sorrowful Mysteries

4. The Glorious Mysteries

Vocally, we recite the Our Father and the Hail Mary to accompany the mysteries to ask for favours from Jesus and His Mother.

The Our Father is a prayer taught by Jesus himself and the Hail Mary is known as the angelic psalter because of words the Angel Gabriel used to address Mary during the annunciation.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit and instructed by the Blessed Virgin Mary St. Dominic (1208) started preaching and praying the Holy Rosary. The Church used the Rosary to fight heresies (the Albigensian heresy, 1213) and later the attack of the Turks at Lepanto (1517) and won miraculously. The Rosary has tons and tons testimonies of miracles in the life of the Church and that of individuals. We should be proud to hold the Rosary and call on Mary and her Son Jesus to come to aid in this trying time.

As we begin the Rosary month let us intensify our prayers by asking the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede for us in this period of COVID19 pandemic.

May Mary queen of the Holy Rosary pray for us in this trying moment. This month we have every reason to call on our Mother Mary through the praying of the Rosary to intercede for the world in crisis. Catholic students everywhere must take their up Rosaries as weapons to fight the threats of Coronavirus so that we can go back to our normal academic life. In a times like this we must not forget our roots. The Rosary prayers have won many battles in the past and will continue win more battles when we fervently pray to our Mother for her intercession.

Pray the Rosary everyday as a family and as individuals. Stay glued to your Rosary and stay safe.

Rev. Fr. George Kyeremeh,

Principal, St. Ambrose College of Education.

Dormaa Akwamu.


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