The News Desk of the Colleges of Weekly Journal has intercepted a document making rounds containing some refreshing news for some category of Staff who fall under the Colleges of Education Non – Teaching Staff Association of Ghana (CENTSAG).

The document is a response to a 5–point petition written by the leadership of CENTSAG and addressed to the Executive Secretary of the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE).

The petition from CENTSAG, in part, requested for the confirmation and placement of their members who occupy management positions in the various Colleges of Education (some of whom have been appointed by their Councils but have not been placed at the required level of management positions since 2016). The 5–point petition requested for confirmation and appropriate placement of members with the following qualifications and experience: Staff with Five Years Post Qualification Experience, Staff with Four Years Post Qualification Experience, Staff with Three Years Post Qualification Experience, Staff with Two Years Post Qualification Experience and Staff with a Year’s Experience and new Entrants.

NCTE in a response to the petition stated that upholding the requests from CENTSAG in its entirety would amount to a complete alteration of the Harmonized Scheme of Service for Staff of the Colleges of Education. NCTE has, however, given consideration to those occupying acting management positions (duly appointed with the requisite qualifications and experience and those yet to be appointeded) to be placed appropriately effective May 1, 2020.

Checks by the News Desk indicates that there are mixed feelings from members of CENTSAG upon seeing the document. While some members of the association are happy with the response from NCTE, others seem not to be happy with developments emanating from the document. Also, reports on ground indicate that some other unions within the Colleges of Education fraternity are grumbling with the response to the request. As to what is causing the displeasure from those circles  to such a welcoming news to CENTSAG is yet to be known.

Attempts made by the News Desk to speak to National Executive Officers of CENTSAG proved futile as the Officers indicated that they will speak on the matter in due course.

The News Desk will follow keenly issues arising from this document and update our readers on any further development.

Source: News Desk, Colleges of Education Weekly Journal.


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