St. Teresa’s, Abetifi Presbyterian and Accra Colleges of Education record high attendance rates in Virtual Lessons

The number of virtual lessons organized by the Colleges of Education increased from 825 the previous weeks to 1,049 last week. Three Colleges of Education had attendance rates of over 90% (St. Teresa’s College of Education – 97%, Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education – 96% and Accra College of Education – 93%).

In the week ending Friday, 8th May, 2020, a total of 19,780 B.Ed. student teachers had participated in 1,049 virtual lessons organized by tutors in 44 Colleges of Education. This represents 62% of the total registered B.Ed. cohort of 31,729. This is a one percent point decrease compared with the attendance in the week ending Friday, 30th April, 2020.

Traffic to the B.Ed. Curriculum Resource Hub – is increasing with 1,808 users downloading materials from the website between 1st and 8th May, 2020 and 2,367 users actively engaging with the website. The focus of stakeholders running the Virtual Lessons in the coming weeks is to improve the user experience of the microsite by closely liaising with College tutors through T-TEL Zonal teams to submit their teaching and learning materials for upload. Stakeholders are also working to publicize and promote the Microsite and the fact that it is zero data rated to increase the number of active users.

The Virtual Learning Taskforce supported NCTE in the previous weeks to hold a policy dialogue meeting with all 46 Principals of Colleges of Education to ensure that they fully position themselves to provide the necessary leadership to implement the Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning in their institutions.  The meeting was then followed by further engagement with the Information Technology (IT) technicians and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) Coordinators to orient them on the B.Ed. Microsite and CEMIS and to learn from their experiences of the second week of the new Semester. The Principals have confirmed the good start to the semester and also enumerated some of the challenges they are facing in ensuring that none of their students is excluded from the learning process. NCTE has been assisting Colleges of Education to ensure that all of their learning platforms are zero-rated.

The Virtual Learning Taskforce also worked with the leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) in the previous weeks to design and launch a “COVID – 19 College Challenge” which has been launched for trainee teachers across the 46 public Colleges of Education. The Challenge is designed to inspire innovation among student teachers to generate creative ways of making learning accessible to disadvantaged children in their communities.

Source: News Desk, Colleges of Education Weekly Journal


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