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ARTICLE: Living a Guided Life: A Good Propellant for a Brighter Future

Once upon a time, there was a young man called Musah, who grew up in a very well to do family where everything went on well with him and throughout his childhood to his Senior High School days. He even had to buy food and supply his friends and did a whole lot of things in school that proved to almost all of his school mates as well as his teachers that really he was indisputably from a very rich family. Musah continued this luxurious life of his and having completed his second cycle education, he happened to be working with his uncle who was actually the cradle of all Musah’s wealthy life to which everyone was said to be aware of him in school. Things continued smoothly for Musah and he was even seen to be richer than his days in school. Musah was really the “Dangote” of his geographical area where his friends even had to give him the nickname The Young DON DVT, which was the short form for the Youngest Version of Dangote in our Town. Musah really lived a life of which almost everyone wished they were privileged to.

Upon the joyous life he led, Musah never thought of one important thing that could have served as a perpetuating factor to the wealthy life he was living. His intimates or friends never came to a realisation or at least advised him of that too. All what they wanted from him was his money and all other presents they were enjoying from him. The key factor Musah forgot about was “what to sustain him after the luxury he was enjoying”. He never thought of the continuation of life after his uncle’s wealthy life he was enjoying was gone one day.

Musah’s uncle advised him several times to further his education to enable him got something doing in life. Despite all the efforts of his uncle, Musah still managed in his own ways proving all the attempts by his caring uncle futile. His uncle was so worried about Musah’s behaviour of not willing to continue his education to the tertiary level which in future could secure him a sustainable job. The uncle even went on to talk to few of Musah’s friends to help advise him, but this went worse since the friends rather influenced Musah to continue on his initial decision not to go to school anymore. Musah termed all his uncle’s efforts aimed at helping make him got something doing in life a brouhaha and perpetually rendered them futile.

Musah continued his life of not going to school again, thinking everything was going to be same as thought of him and his so called intimates. Fortunately for him, he was able to enjoy his uncle’s wealthy life for some few years. Later, his uncle got plagued with some ailments and could not attend to his normal duties as a worker and was made to stay at home to take care of the ailments he was confronted with. Inauspiciously on Musah’s side, his uncle later could not contain the persistence pains he was experiencing as a result of the ailments he was afflicted with and sadly, this loving and caring uncle of Musah had to pass on. Musah was so sad and perplexed about how things happened leading to him losing his beloved uncle he was enjoying every bit of.

Musah began experiencing some depreciation of the joy he was enjoying from his late uncle. Though he decided to move on with his life, the world decided to be unfriendly to him. The wealth he was enjoying from his late uncle got inherited by his uncle’s children and some few members of the family even though he was one of the closest person to his late uncle. Suddenly, Musah began experiencing the wrath of poverty in his life and his so called intimates or friends started falling off his life like ripened mangoes falling from a tree. Musah’s friends deserted him since they could no longer get the enjoyments and luxurious life of him.

Musah’s life finally ended up likea dead eagle landing on a boisterous pedestal. Though he later had a better thought of his uncle’s decision of him continuing his education onto getting something better doing in life after he (the uncle) was no more, it was too late for him since nobody was there any longer to cater for that which he had the opportunity to do previously when his uncle was alive. He had lost his uncle who was so caring and always wanted the best of his life, his friends or so called intimates whose mission was to fool him and enjoy his wealthy and luxurious life and also verily like any other’s wishes in life, the continuation of his joy of life.

Words of inspiration

Many people are enjoying wealthy livelihoods now but they have forgotten of how they should plan to sustain or keep that joy they are enthusiastically enjoying in their lives. They have forgotten of how they came on to enjoying the wealth or the source of which they are enjoying. Musah had everything that could take him to school by the support of his late uncle to make him a better person after the uncle was no more, but he (Musah) thought the life he was enjoying then was never going to change and one day he would have to get something doing on his own to keep that joyous life. He thought, even, without getting something doing in life, his uncle would have been there always to provide for him, but the uncle later was no more to provide that need for him and that led him into a life of regrets after living a luxurious life.

I will end here by stating in Italian “che Dio ti benedica e ti mantenga per tutta la vita” which in English means, may God bless you and keep you through in life.

Thank you.

Written by: Pusamba Edward. (Bosco’s SRC Dep. Organizing Secretary)

Level 300.



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