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Colleges that fail to Implement CEMIS will be sanctioned

CEMIS Training at Tamale College of Education

The Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) has noted with concern that College Education Management Information System (CEMIS), specifically set-up to manage information within the Colleges of Education landscape, is not being utilized as expected. This was revealed at the quarterly planning meeting of T-TEL where it was reported that only 4 out of the 46 public Colleges of Education had successfully uploaded data on their CEMIS.

On the back of this concern, Transforming Teaching, Education and Learning (T-TEL) in August 2021 supported GTEC to organize Zonal training in all the five zones to ensure that all 46 public Colleges of Education make use of CEMIS to effectively support management of information in the Colleges.

The Zonal trainings was funded by Mastercard Foundation through T-TEL.

In an exclusive interaction with officials from GTEC at the final zonal training at Tamale College of Education, they indicated that Colleges that fail to effectively use the CEMIS platform will be sanctioned.

The GTEC officials who spoke to the News Desk of the Colleges of Education Weekly Journal further stated that “GTEC thrives on data therefore Colleges of Education that fail to make good use their CEMIS platform will not be catered for in budgetary allocations”.

CEMIS Training at Accra College of Education

The Zonal training were aimed at building the capacity of the officers from the various Colleges to operationalize the CEMIS. They were also taken through deployment processes, data input, campus network design and implementing the system among others by officials from GTEC and T-TEL.

Speaking on the importance of the CEMIS to the Colleges of Education, Principal of Tamale College of Education, Dr. Sulemana Iddrisu who doubles as the PRINCOF National Vice President stated that “CEMIS is a very important project. The essence of it is to provide real-time data for our stakeholders, expecially GTEC and the Ministry of Education, for the purposes of planning and decisions making that bother on the management and running of the Colleges. I think that having the system running well will ensure that we have the data always available so that GTEC can view it without even consulting us”.

Dr. Iddrisu further added that “my College delegated 7 officers to be given training on the CEMIS. From the discussions we have had, we have also made some suggestions to help fill in the gaps. With this, every office in my College can get on the system and have access to whatever information they need, like, number of students, tutors, etc. We can achieve all these by being committed to making it work”.

The essence of CEMIS is to enhance information management on all the 46 public Colleges of Education to improve policy and planning, monitoring and evaluation, decision making and strengthen accountability. The use of CEMIS is to enhance monitoring of staff continuous professional development, student teaching practice, and graduate output. It also aims to improve visibility, availability, and cross-sharing of resources among the teacher education community in Ghana.

Background of CEMIS

The development and installation of the Colleges of Education Management Information System (CEMIS) in all 46 public Colleges of Education was in fulfilment of the mandate of the then National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) as stipulated in Act 454 of 1993. It also serves to advance the objectives outlined in its Strategic Plan to “strengthen and improve educational planning and management” by implementing a comprehensive and integrated Information Management System for the production of timely, accurate, and reliable information on all tertiary institutions as an approach for effective and sound management of these institutions.

CEMIS is a tool for real-time reporting on all aspects of Colleges of Education management and will provide GTEC and other stakeholders access to relevant data and track various College activities and to help deliver teaching and learning.

The establishment of CEMIS was funded by UK Aid through T-TEL at the request of the then NCTE to support Colleges of Education in Ghana.

Story by: Larry K. Agbador and C. K. Kolamong



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