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E.P College of Education, Amedzofe receives first-ever installation of LPG

Petroleum Products Marketing Company Limited (PPMC) has installed Liquefied Petroleum Gas on the campus of the E.P College of Education at Amedzofe in the Volta Region.

This is to ensure a transition to modern cooking technology.

Before this, students and kitchen staff of the institution have had to go into the bush the cold weather in search of firewood and also inhale excessive smoke from the burning firewood.

The Principal of the College, Dr Dickson Tsey who lobbied the company for the installation noted that it would be the first time in the history of the college that LPG is taking the place of firewood which is environmentally unfriendly.

“For us at AMECO, it is extraordinary to have LPG in our kitchen in this modern era even though it is common. The usage of has eluded us for far too long hence the joy of having it for the first time,” he said.

The Principal revealed that, while he prepared to attend an interview for the position at the college, he discovered that 98% firewood was being used for cooking. It was based on this that he quickly made a commitment in his vision statement to change the status quo by phasing out the firewood era.

He disclosed that the college spends about ₵3000 on firewood alone every two weeks. Aside from being too expensive, he said the suppliers are unable to provide it regularly.

Dr Tsey noted that it was very difficult contacting companies for help PPMC decided to take it up as part of their social responsibility.

He was grateful to the Chief Executive Officer Mr Emmanuel Bedzrah for the timely intervention, which according to him will go a long way in helping in the domestic works of the school.

Meanwhile, he appealed to government and organisations to come to the aid of the College as they are currently plagued with a lot of challenges that urgently need attention.

The Member of Parliament for Ho West and CEO of PPMC, Emmanuel Kwesi Bedzrah praised the teachers for their commitment to imparting knowledge, describing them as a ‘knowledge hub’.

“Teachers should consider themselves the most important people in the world because, without them, we are nothing,” he said.

He urged them to upgrade to the highest level of education so as to impact more on society.

Source: Ivy Setordjie,



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